Space facts

A space suit costs US$12 million.

You can’t cry on space because your tears won’t ever fall.

According to astronauts, space smells like seared steak, hot metal and welding fumes.

In 1962, the U.S. blew up a hydrogen bomb in space that was 100 times more powerful than Hiroshima.

Astronauts on the International Space Station witness around 15 sunrises and 15 sunsets every day.

The International Space Station is the most expensive object ever built, at US$150 billion.

A sample of Sir Isaac Newton’s apple tree was sent into space to ‘defy gravity.’

In 1977, we received a signal from deep space that lasted 72 seconds. We still don’t know how or where it came from.

The International Space Station is as roomy as a five-bedroom house and travels at 17,500 mph.

Most astronauts become two inches taller in space.

There is a water reservoir floating in space that is equivalent to 140 trillion times all the water in the world’s ocean.

On the International Space Station, urine passes through a special water treatment plant that turns it into drinking water.

Inside an astronaut’s helmet, there is a velcro patch that serves as a scratcher.

“Astronauts” come from America. Space explorers from Russia are called “cosmonauts.”

NASA is developing 3D printed pizzas for astronauts.

NASA scientists have discovered stars that are cool enough to touch.

The International Space Station is about the size of a football field.

Saturn’s rings are not solid. They are made up of bits of ice, dust and rock.

Floating cities above the clouds of Venus may be our best bet for becoming a two-planet species. Conditions there are so similar to Earth a human wouldn’t need a pressurized suit, the gravity is similar and transit times are shorter than to Mars.

Humans can live unprotected in space for about 30 seconds if they don’t hold their breath.

To our eyes, in space, the sun would appear white, not yellow.

Tortoises Orbited the Moon Before Astronauts Did: They Were Sent to Test a Russian Space Probe.

The Great Wall of China is not visible from space, but China’s air pollution is.

The first man-made object in space was the German V2 rocket.

North Korea’s space agency is called “NADA”, which in Spanish means “nothing.”

It is impossible to whistle in a Spacesuit.

If the Sun were the size of a beach ball in Space, then Jupiter would be the size of a golf ball and the Earth would be as small as a pea.

Cockroaches raised in space become quicker, stronger, faster, and tougher than cockroaches on Earth.

The farthest distance from Earth an astronaut has ever traveled was during the Apollo 13 emergency.

Astronauts on the International Space Station exercise about 2 hours per day.

Sex is banned aboard the ISS (International Space Station).

The third country in space, after The U.S. and the USSR, was Canada, which was considered to have the most advanced space program in 1962.

In 1963, a cat called “Felicette” became the first feline in space.

“Apollo 13”, “Armageddon”, and “Around the World in 80 Days” are among the movies NASA keeps aboard the International Space Station.

An astronaut threw a boomerang while visiting the International Space Station and it returned to him, even in the absence of gravity.

Laika, the first dog in space, did not die peacefully as initially reported by the Soviets. She died because the cabin overheated.

Astronauts in space can’t tell if their bladders are full. They are trained to relieve themselves every two hours.

NASA has a list of accurate space technology terms that writers can use in Science Fiction stories.

NASA engineers asked Sally Ride, the first American woman in space, if 100 tampons was the right number for her 7-day trip to space.

John F Kennedy had such concerns about the space program’s high cost, that he proposed partnering with the Soviet Union on a joint expedition to the moon.

On Earth, the International Space Station weighs 925,000 pounds, more than 11 full semi trucks. In space, it weighs almost nothing.

American astronauts have been able to vote in elections from space since 1997.

On August 10, 2015, NASA astronauts ate food that had been grown in space for the first time.

Astronauts aboard the ISS change clothes near a filter that sucks up the skin particles that would otherwise float around.

Outer space begins at 100 kilometers (62 mi) above sea level.

In 2015, Astronaut Chris Hadfield released the first album of songs recorded entirely in space.

It costs 41 cents per year per American citizen for NASA’s entire Curiosity program.

6 months before the Challenger disaster a lone engineer told his superiors about the O-Ring problem and warned the result “would be a catastrophe of the highest order: loss of human life.”

While floating in lunar orbit, astronaut Al Worden was 2,235 miles (3,600 km) away from his companions, making him the most isolated human being ever.

Russians take guns into space to protect themselves against bears if they land off-course.

Neil Armstrong claims he said “one small step for *A* man” when he set foot on the moon and that audio analysis of the recording backs that up and it’s been misquoted this entire time.

Astronauts aboard Apollo 10 heard unexplained “outer spacey” music while orbiting the dark side of the moon.

In 1973, the crew of Skylab 4 staged the first strike in space. They requested time off to “look out the window and think.”

There’s no “zero gravity” in space. Astronauts are in a constant state of free fall, which is why they appear to float.



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