Judaism facts

Judaism believes in another Torah (Bible) that Moses passed down orally in an unbroken chain from generation to generation for 1,400 years.

In Judaism there are 4 different New Year days.

Speed dating was invented by a Rabbi in 1999.

Medicinal Marijuana is Considered Kosher in Some Cases by Judaism.

After Christianity, the largest religious affiliation in the U.S. is Judaism.

Marilyn Monroe was Jewish: she converted for her husband Arthur Miller.

Despite being a Jew, Karl Marx hated Judaism and said that “money is the jealous god of Israel”.

A man in Nebraska is breeding red cows and sending them to Israel so that Jews build a Third Temple and “Jesus comes again”.

A Jewish sect, Neturei Karta, supports Palestine and calls for a peaceful dismantling of the State of Israel.

The population of Jews in the world is similar to the margin of error in the Chinese census.

The “eye for an eye” principle is not interpreted literally in Judaism, but as a proportional monetary compensation.

The rulers of the first Feudal state of Eastern Europe, the Khazars, converted en masse to Judaism in the 8th Century.

Since the 12th century, Judaism believes that if the truths derived from science or philosophy contradict religious beliefs, the religious beliefs are incorrect.

Locust is the only insect considered kosher in Judaism.

In Judaism, finding someone a job that enables self-sufficiency is considered the highest form of charity.

The Vulcan salute, used by Mr. Spock on Star Trek, was taken from the Priestly Blessing of Judaism.

There’s one kosher butcher in Cuba. Fidel Castro personally allowed him to stay and serve 1,500 people practicing Judaism.

In Judaism, you don’t need to be Jewish to get into the “next world” (Heaven).

At least 400 descendants of Nazis have converted to Judaism and moved to Israel.

Judaism arrived in India 2500 years ago with no recorded instances of anti-Semitism from the local populace ever since.

Christmas ham, originally a pagan tradition, was endorsed by the Catholic Church as a test of truthful conversion from Judaism.

“Shabbat elevators” stop at every floor to avoid pressing buttons, which is considered “doing work” on Shabbat, thus forbidden, in Judaism.

A very small minority of Jews believe that a Rabbi who died in 1994 is the Messiah and even an incarnation of God.

Giraffes are kosher for eating, according to Judaism.

In Judaism, there’s a blessing thanking God for having the ability to excrete.



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