Italy Facts

Italy Facts

With 61 million inhabitants, Italy is the 5th most populous country in Europe.

Italy has the eighth-largest economy in the world.

Italy is home to the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites with 50.

The Italian mafia accounts for 7% of Italy’s GDP.

Italy is the largest producer of wine in the world.

Located within Italy, San Marino is the world’s oldest republic (301 A.D.) and holds the world’s oldest continuous constitution.

One-third of Italians have never used the Internet.

More than a third of single Italian men between the ages of 30 and 35 live with their parents.

51% of Italians can’t afford a vacation.

Italian Traffic Police has two Lamborghini Gallado in service.

500,000 Italians visit an exorcist every year.

Whatsapp is cited in nearly half of all Italian divorce proceedings.

In Italy, there is a submerged bronze statue of Jesus Christ of 2.5 metres tall.

Galileo’s middle finger is on display at a museum in Florence, Italy.

At age 10, Mussolini was expelled from a religious boarding school in Italy for stabbing a classmate in the hand.

In Venice, Italy, all gondolas are required to be painted in black by law.

Poveglia is an island near Italy that is so dangerously “haunted” that public access is not permitted.

In Milan, Italy, it’s a legal requirement to smile at all times, except during funerals or hospital visits.

“Ferrari” as a last name is the Italian equivalent of “Smith”.

In 2013, an Italian man under house arrest asked to go to prison to escape his wife.

Italian artist Piero Manzoni filled 90 tin cans with his feces, called it “Artist’s sh*t” and sold them for up to €124,000 a tin.

A cat inherited a fortune of US$13 million from its owner in Italy.

Italian serial killer Leonarda Cianciulli was famous for turning victims into tea cakes and serving them to guests.

Italy’s PM Benito Mussolini tortured his enemies by forcing them to swallow massive doses of castor oil.

It’s illegal to die in Falciano del Massico, a town in Italy, because the cemetery is full.

In 2012, a court in Italy ruled that telling a man he has “no balls” is a crime, punishable with a fine.

In Italy, “pepperoni” refers to bell peppers. There’s no Italian salami by that name.

Tomatoes came from America and weren’t introduced in Italy until the 1540s.

The world’s oldest university in continuous operation is the University of Bologna, in Italy, founded in 1088.

Rastafarians are legally allowed to possess marijuana in Italy due to it being a ‘sacrament’ to the religion.

In 2008, wine started flowing through taps in dozens of homes during a grape festival in Italy due to a technical error.

A man can be arrested in Italy for wearing a skirt in public.

A 14th-century medieval tower rises out of Lake Reschensee, in Italy. It’s the only visible building of a submerged village.

There’s a restaurant built into a grotto in Italy.

Soccer fans in Italy are called “tifosi”, meaning “carriers of typhus”, because their fanatism is like a fever.

In 1968, a man built a platform off the coast of Italy and declared himself the President of his micronation. The Italian government seized control and blew it up with explosives.

In Italy, the same voice actor will follow an American actor throughout their filmography and career.

There is a 180-foot (55-meter) long stuffed pink bunny on top of a hill in Italy.

The fork came to Italy before any other European country because of pasta.

About 3,000 Euros are thrown into the Trevi fountain, in Italy, each day.

37% of the Argentine population are of Italian descent, about 12,8 million people.




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