Einstein facts

Albert Einstein considered himself an agnostic, not an atheist.

Einstein’s great breakthroughs came from visual experiments performed in his head rather than the lab.

Einstein was a slow learner as a child and spoke very slowly.

The pathologist who made Einstein body’s autopsy stole his brain and kept it in a jar for 20 years.

Einstein’s Nobel Prize money went to his ex-wife as a divorce settlement.

Einstein was offered the presidency of Israel which he politely declined.

Einstein Failed his University Entrance Exam and had to reapply a year later.

Einstein never received a Nobel prize for relativity. it was actually for the photoelectric effect.

Einstein was famous for having a bad memory. He could not remember names, dates and phone numbers.

Einstein had an Illegitimate Daughter born in 1902.

Einstein, Darwin, Allan Poe & Saddam Hussein, all married their first cousins.

Austrian physicist Friedrich Hasenohrl published the basic equation E = mc2 a year before Einstein did.

Albert Einstein’s eyes remain in a safe box in NYC.

Yoda, from Star Wars, was modeled after the appearance of Albert Einstein.

Albert Einstein had no car of his own and he also never learned how to drive.

Albert Einstein didn’t like to wear socks.

Albert Einstein’s brain had a parietal lobe that was 15% larger than the average brain.

Galileo Galilei was Albert Einstein’s favorite scientist.

Albert Einstein denounced segregation, calling it a “disease of white people” and worked against racism in America.

Hours before his death, Einstein was still attempting to prove his Theory of Everything.



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