Christopher Columbus facts

When Columbus “discovered” the Americas, the continent was already inhabited by 90 million people which was a third of the world’s population.

Christopher Columbus brought the first lemon seeds to America.

Leif Erikson is regarded as the first European to land in North America, nearly 500 years before Columbus.

Christopher Columbus once punished a man found guilty of stealing corn by having his ears and nose cut off and then selling him into slavery.

2200 years ago, Eratosthenes estimated the Earth’s circumference using math, without ever leaving Egypt. He was remarkably accurate. Christopher Columbus later studied him.

Christopher Columbus correctly predicted an eclipse to trick the native inhabitants of Jamaica into giving him food and supplies.

There’s a direct descendant of Christopher Columbus alive today. He’s a Spanish noble.

Over 3 million people perished from war, slavery, and the mines in Hispaniola under the rule of Christopher Columbus.

No one knows what Christopher Columbus looked like. No authentic contemporary portraits of him were found. Most just reconstructed his appearance from written descriptions.

Christopher Columbus thought that the world was shaped like a woman’s breast.



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