15 Interesting Facts About Salvador Dali the Persistence of Memory

Here are 15 Interesting Facts About Salvador Dali the Persistence of Memory 1-5 Interesting Facts About Salvador Dali the Persistence of Memory • The Spanish Surrealist went from a penniless painter to the toast of the NYC art world in one single canvas, “The Persistence of Memory”. It so happened that Salvador Dali was thrown out … Read more

Guatemala Facts

Guatemala Facts

Introduction Republic of Guatemala | Guatemala Facts Guatemala Facts: Republic of Guatemala is a Central American democratic country. The masterdom of its native culture in its internal upper areas separates Guatemala from the neighbours of Central America. The source of the name Guatemala is Indian culture, but its meaning and etymology are uncertain. Most of the people believe … Read more

Interesting Colombia Facts | Bogota Culture & History Facts

Republic of Colombia | Interesting Colombia Facts Colombia Facts: Republic of Colombia is also called as Colombia and Columbia. The Republic of Colombia is the fourth-largest country of South America which is along with both Pacific and Caribbean coastlines. Its landscape is tagged by the Andes Mountains, many huge coffee plantations and rain forests. The city … Read more

Interesting Latvia Facts | Riga Latvia Map and Latvia Flag Facts

Amazing Facts About Latvia We Bet You Didn’t Know Latvia Facts: Latvia is a treat for nature lovers and has always been thought of as the home of magical creatures. The small country has a vast amount of pristine beaches and cultural diversity. The people are possibly the most artistic crowd in the Baltic area. … Read more